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Is Your Dog Your Favorite Person?
Friday June 24, 2016

Author: Karen Spinelli

I stopped seeing a therapist once after she told me my dog “wasn’t a person”.  This was in response to my saying that “as long as I have my dog, I have a reason to keep myself physically and mentally healthy, because my dog is my favorite person in the world.”  I saw this as a positive, that I had motivation to not let something I was dealing with beat me, because no one else could ever take care of my dog the way I would.  She took it as a moment to debate the philosophical semantics of why I shouldn’t think of my dog as a “person”.  Though I was the patient, I still think I won “the bigger picture” contest.

On the flip side, I once went to a drive-in movie with my dog and was made to pay for both of us.   They said it was because they had a two person minimum and I wasn’t alone in the car.  This wasn’t posted anywhere, and I proceeded to debate that it was a bit discriminatory to say a single pe.....

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