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My toy poodle "granddog" has been living with me at "Camp Gramma" for two years because I am retired and more able to tend to his needs throughout the day.  He is a 16-year-old toy poodle who is blind due to advanced cataracts.  Because of his age and some other health issues, surgery is considered too risky for him.  While in my care, he fell halfway down the stairs and tore the ligament (ACL) in his right rear leg. Surgery is the means most often used to repair such an injury but, once again, it was considered too risky for him.  His vet advised us to take a wait-and-see approach, keeping his activity limited and with stairs being off limits.  Instead, he recommended gentle rehab exercises, using cold compresses before and warm compresses after each session. With the help and guidance of Karen at Hand to Paw, we worked diligently everyday through the personally tailored program she set up for us.  Reiki treatments were also a part of his care plan, integrating the movement of energy forces with the physical manipulation component.  With Karen's care and patience, my little guy made a full recovery - WITHOUT THE NEED FOR SURGERY!! OUR  SINCERE THANKS, KAREN!!! JoAnn and Beso (Woof!!!)
JoAnn L

"Karen graciously offered her services in sending loving and healing reiki energy to our dog, Gracie, while she was being boarded for a week in a nearby kennel. As this was Gracie's first time ever being boarded, we were a bit concerned for her well-being and emotional state. It was wonderful to have peace of mind while we were away that week. We know, without a doubt, that Karen's daily dose of reiki energy healing helped her a great deal - both physically and emotionally. The day we picked Gracie up from the kennel, we captured this Orb in a picture seen above her while she was sitting in 'her' chair back at home. We KNOW it was Karen's energy watching over her!
In addition, in the recent past two of our beloved pets have crossed over and Karen's unconditional love and Reiki energy healing helped to ease the transition from physical into spirit, giving us all great comfort. Karen's reiki ability and pure intention to heal our beloved pets is a gift to us all!"
Diane F

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