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Learn more about the animal reiki sessions I provide and how Reiki can help your pet.
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     Reiki is a type of energy healing performed by channeling, meditative visualization (can both be done at a distance) or by the laying on of hands (if in person).  It uses the flow of universal life energy to improve the flow of energy within a being, in this case, your animal.  Its purpose is to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

     Specifically, we can use Reiki to decrease anxiety, discomfort, and stimulate the immune system.  By triggering their body’s own natural healing abilities, Reiki improves their ability to achieve and maintain optimal health.  We can promote that wholeness of mind, body, and spirit through this reduction in physiological stress and the increase in relaxation.   It is gentle and safe – as evidenced by its increasing use in hospitals with human patients.

     Every being’s body has an energy field that is key to its function and health.   For this reason, Reiki healing can be done for any person as well as any animal.

     As energy travels within us,  its pathways can become weakened or blocked, which can negatively impact all levels of our being.  This includes the chakra system and its 7 energy centers along the midline (as used in Ayruvedic Medicine). 

     Reiki practitioners use channeling through meditative visualization, focused intent, laying on of hands, and our own energy fields to improve the flow of energy in our client’s body. In turn, this improves their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  Balancing their energy field (aura) and energy centers (chakras) with this channeling helps their body to heal itself. 

     Reiki practitioners undergo a series of attunements to learn the methods of energy healing.  These assist in activating the universal life energy within that practitioner and guide the process of channeling that to another being.  There are 4 levels, with the 4th being that of master level.  (A master practitioner can then attune others in the process of reiki energy healing.)

     With advanced training, a reiki practitioner can send healing reiki energy to any being even if they are far away (distance healing), making it possible to conduct healing sessions for your pet even if they are not physically there with us.  All you, as your animal's caretaker, need is to be open to the healing.


    Energy flow is maximized if you set an intention, clear your mind of tangential thoughts, and concentrate on the love you have for your animal.  Distance healing can even be done to send Reiki energy to a beloved pet who has passed on from our physical world.

     Clearing and re-adjustment of energy flow can be gradual, continuing well after the completion of a session time.  (The longer energy has been weakened or blocked, the longer it can take to unblock and strengthen it…..  think of it as layers).  For chronic or more severe issues, multiple sessions may be beneficial.


What types of things can animal reiki help?

*   Physical discomforts of the Body
such as complimentary treatment (to their primary vet care) for injury, disease, and senior changes associated to aging.
It can also be helpful in the time leading up to surgery, as well as afterward as part of their rehabilitation process.

*   Emotional/mental discomforts of the Mind
such as separation anxiety, time spent in an animal shelter or as a stray, and dealing with transitions & changes in their environemnt.
It can also be helpful for times of separation when an owner haa to be away from their pet (during vacations, while in a kennel, or if a pet is lost).
In addition, it can help rebalance the energy within animal shelters, which then benefits all of the animals spending time there.

*   Spiritual transitions of the Soul
such as a pet losing an owner or family member, as well as an owner or family member's loss of a beloved pet.
Reiki can be helpful in the time leading up to a pet's crossing over into spirit, as well as for the time of bereavement afterward.
For both pet and owner, reiki can help ease that transition, and help each to realize that their heart connection will live on forever.

To schedule an energy healing Reiki session for your pet, or for both you and your pet,
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Learn more about the reiki sessions I provide and how Reiki can help you and your animal.
Order your reiki session here.


*It should be remembered that the most important factor in optimizing your pet’s health is to have a consistent relationship with a primary veterinarian who knows their baseline status and can monitor for changes over time.  Reiki, massage and fitness programs are only meant to be complimentary adjuncts to that necessary base in your animal’s care.

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