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Hand to Paw

Pet Massage

     Pet massage is a hands-on healing technique that has the ability to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of your pet.

    When our pets have muscle tightness, it can result in discomfort – and that pain can result in physiological stress.  This stress then continues to cycle by creating physical changes in the body that further decrease function and wellbeing. 

     By learning safe, gentle ways of massaging your pet, you can:   alleviate their muscle spasms,   decrease their pain,   improve their body posture and movement,   improve their mood,   and increase our bond with them.

    Once you can decrease discomfort in their body,  it becomes easier to maintain and continue to strengthen their positive body function –   which in turn helps protect them against future decline.


    Touching our best friends from head to toe each week also helps us detect any changes early,   which helps us advocate for them to keep them in the best health possible for as long as possible.

     Massage is a branch on the tree of holistic healing and wellness –   enabling you to support, maintain, and improve your pet’s wellbeing –   with the goal of maximizing their quality of their life and your bond together.


*It should be remembered that the most important factor in optimizing your pet’s health is to have a consistent relationship with a primary veterinarian who knows their baseline status and can monitor for changes over time.  Reiki, massage and fitness programs are only meant to be complimentary adjuncts to that necessary base in your animal’s care.

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