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The Power of Postive Thinking

Friday September 15, 2017

Author: Karen Spinelli

Last we were together, we talked asked “How about Holistic Wellness for You Pet Parents too?!”


We talked about how our bodies and minds are connected.  And that our thoughts and emotions can create changes in our physical bodies.  And that our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves. 


And how we could use these ideas to help us nurture ourselves, which in turn enables us to share a more centered “us” with our pets.


It’s all coming back now, right?!  


We also talked about the domino effect of our thoughts influencing our emotions, which then impacts our physical being, and ultimately affects our energy  (with “energy” being our “chi”, or universal life force). 


And we talked about how it goes both ways.  Our energy affects our physical being, which then impacts our emotions, which in turn influences our thoughts.

And back and forth we go. 


Bottom line is, although other people and situations occur in an outer environment around us,  we ourselves are the strongest force that acts upon us to shape us.  We hold the power to impact ourselves. 


The question is, do we pro-actively do it purposefully with the goal of advancing our life in the direction we want to see it move?  Or do we merely roll re-actively where each next influence pushes us?


Believe me, I’m not perfect at it.  I’m here in it right next to you.  But while I’m trying to work on it myself, it seems only right that I share it in case it helps any of you as well.




Words have power.


Who ever said  “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” wasn’t entirely telling us the truth.  If we aren’t aware of taking control of our own personal power,  words can absolutely impact us.


Who has ever cried listening to the words of a song?  Or felt pumped up and ready to take on the world listening to those of another?  Who has ever been transported to another world reading the words in a book? Or gotten goosebumps listening to them in a speech?


And because they have power, we should be careful, deliberate, and purposeful in the way we use them.  Especially when they come out of ourselves, about ourselves.


That’s where mindfulness comes in.


None of us should be out there just saying and doing anything that reflexively spurts out of us, ongoing, without really noticing.  We should all “check in” with ourselves.  Step back, as if we were watching ourselves in a dream, on the outside looking in.  Only then, in those quiet seconds, can we become truly mindful of how we feel about what we say and what we do.


The cool part is – if we don’t like what we see and hear – we can change it!  You are the puppeteer of your puppet.  You are the author of your book.  You are the singer of your song.  Get it?!





And that’s where the domino sequence of words affecting emotions, affecting physical being, effecting energy comes into play.


If our own words are going to affect us, let’s make sure we do it purposefully, in a way that will move us in the direction we want, and choose, to be moving. 


What we don’t want is to be haphazardly thinking or speaking negatively about ourselves – connecting that negativity to our energy without even realizing it.  Oops!


Instead of THINKING  -  “I wish I was different. I don’t like myself.  And here is the list of things I don’t like, that I remind myself of every day - I’m discouraged, I’m broke, and I’m not good enough.” -  Change it! 


Speak to yourself and the world saying “I’m good exactly as I am.  I like my true self.  And here are three positives about myself – I am persistent in my dreams, I earn the finances I need to live comfortably, and I am good enough to do all the things I feel meant to do”.  Even if you don’t buy into it at first, still say it to yourself.  In time, what you THINK will be reflected in these things you have been SAYING. 


And these thoughts will have power.  Remember, thoughts will impact your life force energy.  And you want your energy to attract positives into your life.


There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.  Just like there is a difference between being humble and being down on yourself.  Your inner self will know that difference. 


Instead of FEELING  down, like nothing goes your way, and because of that you are not happy -  Change it! 


When someone walks by you on the street, smile at them (even if you aren’t feeling smiley inside).   When a stranger asks “how are you today?”,  take a breath and reply “great!” (even if your aren’t feeling great inside yet).    When you see the person behind you is having trouble walking, hold the door for them (even if you’re not feeling helpful).  Even if you don’t feel it at first, in time, what you FEEL will be reflected in those choices you have been making and the behaviors you have been DOING.





So now we gradually begin to change our thoughts to more positive ones.  Even if you have to show yourself an image of a big “stop” sign when you find yourself getting off track and negative ones try to sneak back in.  As long as you are mindful, you have the chance to reel your thoughts back into your control.


Which in turn gradually begins helping us feel a bit happier, and that smile comes easier each time.  Even if you still feel down sometimes, don’t let it keep spinning indefinitely.  Give yourself five minutes to feel it and then show yourself that “stop” sign again - and push out that smile.


Now that we are thinking and feeling a bit more positively, we are clearer to make more positive choices and decisions.  Maybe you start eating and drinking a little healthier, exercising a little bit more, and going to bed at times that allows your body adequate rest.  Gradually your physical body begins feeling better.


And when our thinking, emotions, and physical body are aligned, it allows that chi energy to move though our bodies more openly.  Energy flows through our meridians smoother.  Our chakras shine brighter.  Our aura is stronger. 


And it all begins with a word.  Inward as a thought given to your inner world.  Or outwardly spoken verbally to the world around us.


Words become the catalyst that starts the movement of that snowball effect.  So let’s take conscious control over them. 





Speak kindly to yourself.  If you find it difficult, don’t revert to negatives, rather, be ok with the quiet and just give yourself a hug and an “I love you”.


Speak kindly to others.  If you find that difficult, still try not to revert to negatives.  Again, learn to be ok with the quiet, and know that sometimes it’s a victory just to not fill that empty space.  Simply smile and say “have a nice day”.  Period.  The end. 


And then take a deep breath.  A long slow one through your nose.  Envision you are pulling in clear positive energy.   Energy that gives you patience and a feeling of accomplishment.


Then a strong exhale out through your mouth.  Envision any pent up negative energy that tried to affect you being blown right out of you.  Goodbye and good riddance.  We don’t have room for you.


No one modality of natural healing is one size fits all.  And doing something, anything,  once does not erase years of negative self-talk.  But wouldn’t we be cutting ourselves short if we didn’t give it a real try?


If we can become aware of tools that help our mind and body heal themselves, let’s use them!  And share them with one another.


Remember that our mind and body are connected.  Each impacts the other whether we stop to do it purposefully or not.  So let’s start living on purpose!

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