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How About Holistic Wellness for You Pet Parents Too?!

Friday September 8, 2017

Author: Karen Spinelli


When writing about holistic pet wellness,  it seems appropriate to also include holistic wellness for their humans.  After all, their person is who takes care of them.  And to take the best care of them, THEY also need to be in tip-top shape.  So it seems fitting to have some info out there on ways pet moms, pet dads, pet grammas and grampas can also achieve holistic wellness in THEIR lives.


So let’s start at the very base of it all.  We are all made up of energy.  Energy flows inside of us, like fuel keeping our motor running.  And energy also flows around us like a protective buffer to keep what we want in, and keep what we don’t want out. 


So any talk of holistic wellness has got to begin with an awareness of, and appreciation for, that energy.


Auras are the energy fields AROUND a living body.  You have one, your dog has one, your cat has one – every living being has one.  It extends out far when your energy is strong, giving you some protection from outside energies and some control over whether or not you choose to allow those other energies into your field.  But it can also sink in close when your energy is low, leaving you more vulnerable to outside influences.


Meridians are energy pathways THROUGHOUT a living body.  Chakras are the main energy centers along those pathways.  Think of meridians as the main highways though your state, and chakras as the downtown center of each of its major cities.  Every living being has these too.  They flow freely and shine bright when that energy is strong, keeping you happy, healthy, and safe.  But they can also become blocked and dimmed, leaving you more vulnerable to outside influences. 


Let’s add a few more ideas to that base.  Our bodies and minds are connected.  Our thoughts and emotions create changes in our physical body.  And our bodies have the capacity for healing themselves. 


I didn’t invent these ideas.  Heck, I wish I did!  Researchers in the field of “Mind-Body Medicine” are the ones studying natural healing.  I’m just a person who was lucky enough to become aware of their work, and try to learn from it.  And now am trying to share it with other animal lovers so we can use it to enhance our human-animal bond.


Things that occur in our energy field are often manifested outwardly as the status of our thoughts, emotions, and physical being.  And it goes both ways.  Things that our physical being experiences can influence our emotions, which can impact our thoughts, which can influence our energy field. And round and round it goes.


You can see how this could snowball - for the good… or for the bad…..  and sometimes it’s hard to get out of its way as it cycles back and forth,  becoming more entangled and dense with each roll. 


Before you know it you’re wondering what came first – the chicken or the egg? 


Do our thoughts create our emotions?  Or do our emotions create our thoughts?  Yes!  ….and Yes!


Do our emotions create our physical being?  Or does our physical being create our emotions?  Yes!  ….and Yes!


Do our thoughts create our physical being?  Or does our physical being create our thoughts?  Yes!  ….and Yes!


Do our thoughts, emotions, and physical being create our energy?  Or does our energy create our thoughts, emotions, and physical being?  Yes?  ….and Yes!


So let’s not get caught up in trying to untangle the ultimate nature of reality.  Let’s instead jump in and take control of whatever parts we have some control over, and see how it goes from there.  There’s always time to pause and re-assess along the way.


Of all of these, our thoughts, and emotions,  are easier to control than our physical state of health or our energy that we can’t see with the naked eye.  So that’s where we’ll start.


I know.  You can’t always control what you think.  And you can’t always control how you feel.   But we CAN control our reactions to how we see and hear ourselves speaking and behaving.  And we CAN control our decisions as to how long we let them spin unchecked if we realize they aren’t what we would prefer them to be. 


That’s where mindfulness comes in. 



Since there are too many ideas to cover in one article, let's break it up into smaller topics.  Don’t worry, the main focus of Hand To Paw will always be your pet!  But truth is, taking the best care of you, their human person,  is the base we all need to then be able to take the best care of them.


As all your life areas –  thoughts, emotions and physical being - align,  your energy shifts.  Now your inner energy begins flowing smoother and shining brighter.  And now your outer energy is clearer and stronger.  And you may not know exactly why, but you know you just feel better. 


And then you’ve changed the course of the snowball effect.  Now you use it purposefully.  Now it’s the good that webs out and grows


Your inner and outer energy is strong and so your body feels healthier.  Your body is healthier and so you’re feeling happier.  You’re feeling more upbeat and so now you’re thinking more positively about yourself and the world around you.


And when you are in this place of alignment with your own energy and the energy of the world around you, you have the mindset, desire, and physical ability to take awesome care of both yourself and your pet!


We often take better care of our pets than we do ourselves.  And it’s great that we give them that high level of love and nurturing.  But we are most able to care for them when we have first stepped up to love and nurture ourselves too.


It takes two to have a strong animal-human bond.  So with that being said, keep an eye out for new blogs about ways you can nurture yourself,  so that you can, in turn, best nurture your furry family too.

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