Hand to Paw and Karen


- AS in Veterinary Tech
- BA in Psychology
- MA in Communication Disorders

Additional Coursework

- Animal Communication
- Tellington Touch for Animals
- Essential Oils for Animals


- NAVTA Journal   (National Veterinary Technician Association)
    "Veterinary Technicians: Unsugn Heroes of Our Dogs' Lives"

My Story:

Welcome to “Hand To Paw”!

     My name is Karen and I live in Agawam, Massachusetts with my 2 cocker spaniels, Jaisy and Meg   (and husband Ryan).  It was caring for my dog Jenna that guided me onto this path of animal healing. 

    Since the day we met, my brightest joy came from my best friend Jenna – and as she aged it became my personal mission to maximize her quality of life.  It was then I began taking classes, reading books, and meeting mentors of holistic animal healing.   The similarities in wanting to maximize quality of life for those we love, whether they be human or animal, became apparent.

    Thus began my journey toward finding ways to offer the animals we love those same healing options that we have for the humans in our lives.  I began Hand To Paw in 2005 to achieve that goal through Animal Reiki, Canine Massage, and Canine Trigger-Point Myo-therapy.

    I worked 20 years in human rehabilitation, helping patients dealing with head injuries, stroke, dementia, and other challenges of aging.  My Reiki Master level training was a wonderful adjunct to my human therapy sessions. Some of my journey with animal healing I did while also doing this work as a human therapist.

    Then I found myself at a fork in the road…… to stay on the path of human healing, or to alter that path to allow full focus on animal healing so that I could share it with others who wanted this for their beloved animals too.  It was then that I went back to school to become a Certified Veterinary Technician as well as achieve certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner through the University of Tennessee.   Having added these credentials I could now branch out and offer additional modalities of holistic animal wellness and healing here through Hand To Paw.

    In addition to serving the animals of my own area, I began wondering about all the people who love their animals but either don’t live near facilities that offer this type of help, don’t have the money or time to continue going to them, or whose animals aren’t up for the travel.   I meditated on this to find the clarity and courage to act on what I discovered my truth to be -  to help animals live the longest and happiest lives they possibly can with the people who love them - through this web site, where I could reach anyone who wanted to be reached.     

     So here I am…… I will never stop learning all that I can, and sharing my knowledge with anyone who is interested.  I hope that I can provide you and the pets you love with help toward your own goal of maximizing their quality of life – as well as the strength of the bond between you. 


Best Wishes &
Blessed Be our Animal Best Friends,




*It should be remembered that the most important factor in optimizing your pet’s health is to have a consistent relationship with a primary veterinarian who knows their baseline status and can monitor for changes over time.  Reiki, massage, essential oils and fitness programs are only meant to be complimentary adjuncts to that necessary base in your animal’s care.